The Showdown Between Meerkat vs. Periscope

A few days ago, I ventured into writing about all of the features that the live streaming app, Meerkat, offers. But now there is another service that is rivaling against Meerkat; it’s called Periscope.

Periscope was acquired by Twitter in January and it lets users to live broadcast through their mobile devices by downloading the app and connecting through Twitter. While Meerkat and Periscope both have many similarities, the automatic linking with Twitter followers gives Periscope a huge advantage.

Screen Shot 2015-03-27 at 12.14.24 PM

Photo Courtesy: Periscope

Periscope users can also choose to share a stream publicly or privately to a select group of users, whereas Meerkat streams are public-only and live-only. The app encourages users to send hearts if they like what they are seeing, similar to Facebook’s ‘Like’ button. Periscope also provides better options for discovering new streams.

Live-streaming is nothing new, but new technology combined with social media is encouraging more people to join in. Both of these apps could be used for personal terms, such as sharing family vacations, weddings, or birthdays.

Companies could also take use of these apps to promote advertising and connect their brand with the audience.

And when it comes to breaking news, this might be the most valuable tool for citizen journalists. For example,  Ben Popper is a writer for The Verge, and he said that he got a notification from Periscope that a user was live-streaming from the scene of the massive fire that erupted in New York City’s East Village on Thursday. He was able to see and receive this information well before any news crews arrived.

So while both of these apps have some speed bumps to overcome, the main ideas of both could be the start to the next big thing.

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