Journalism for Change

Some citizen journalists want to report on issues of crime in their community. Others want to tell human interest stories. But no matter what type of beat they choose to cover, they all have a common theme, and that is to create a change.

One platform is combining all of these ideas together and showcasing them online. It’s called Journalism for Change. This site aims to highlight stories from citizen journalists across the globe.

The outlet provides a Journalism 101 section where everyday people can learn the craft of interviewing, writing, and great storytelling.  The sites has built up a great network where citizen journalists are able to freely connect with activists and experts to share their ideas and work.

One of my favorites features of this site is a section called the Best from Around the World. There, stories and projects, produced from just about every continent, are featured. This really shows the diversity of citizen journalists and the different issues facing each country. For example, in Asia, there is a great story about the Burmese society and how it is undergoing significant changes.  Citizen journalists are able to shine a spotlight on some key issues concerning citizens. In Africa, several in Ghana are reporting on the election seasons and current happenings within the government. After watching and reading several of these stories, I was surprised that citizen journalists were able to produce such in-depth and quality reporting.

Overall, this site helps to shine a light on all of the many citizen journalism projects taking place around the world. Instead of searching for each project, the sites has curated all of them here, which makes it easy and efficient. If you would like to make them aware of a citizen journalism project taking place, you can contact them here.

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