The Changing Face of Journalism

British investigative blogger Eliot “Brown Moses” Higgins is a citizen journalist who is is a classic example of how someone with the right skills and motivation can use the social web to function as a journalist with hardly any professional skills or training.

In 2014, Eliot created a site called Bellingcat. He and his team are dedicated to real-time verification and now they have launched a project designed to develop a crowdsourced database of military activity in the volatile country of Ukraine.

They have been working on identifying and logging movements of armored vehicles, troops and other activity in and around Ukraine, ever since Russia started interfering in and then annexed the Crimean peninsula.

The site is using social media and other applications to help confirm that Malaysian Airlines flight MH17 crashed by pro-Russian separatists, last July.

There are constant live updates that create an open database that continues to evolve and progress. And the best part of it is that anyone in the world can access it. This database allows anyone to add content, which helps to create a better understanding of the complex issues going on in Ukraine.

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