User Generated Content Goes Pink

Marketing companies love user generated content and are taking full advantage of it. More and more, we see campaigns that are using their authentic power, while incorporating fans and customers into their promotions.

One company that has proven to use user generated content in an effective way is Estee Lauder. In 2014, the company launched a campaign called Breast Cancer Action where women from across the globe were able to share their stories of survival and inspiration.


Photo Courtesy: Facebook

They took a proactive approach by not just focusing on breast cancer awareness, but pushing the importance of prevention and early screening. The theme of the campaign was “Stronger Together”. This encouraged women to grow and learn from each others experiences. According to the Huffington Post, what made this so successful was the true stories of real women and their families being told and used in a meaningful way. It was smart advertising, but even smarter storytelling.

The campaign also encouraged users to tweet and post pictures to Instagram to show their support or donate to the cause. Although this idea was ultimately created to sell products, the voices and stories from citizens around the world gave it that special human touch. So what do you guys think about this campaign? Do you like the idea of companies incorporating user-generated content? Let me know your thoughts!

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