Free Wi-Fi Drives Citizen Journalists

A non-profit organization, called Project Isizwe in South Africa, is aiming to give Internet access to all people in the city of Tshwane.

It’s provided through a video-on-demand service called Wi-Fi TV. With this, citizens are able to upload their own videos and media content to share over the network. The service offers 5 channels and hosts content created by everyday people who share their voices and capture what is going on in their communities. The channel called “My City” features news and information from citizen journalists reporting on the ground.

And people are really jumping on board. So far, the service has reached a record-setting of number of 306,000 views in January 2015, pushing total views to a whopping 640,000 since the service was launched in November 2014.

Screen Shot 2015-02-11 at 1.57.38 PM

Photo Courtesy: Project Isizwe

South Africa seems to be establishing a new era with this move. Not too long ago, the citizens of Tshwane were limited to free Wi-Fi access. Yet, today everyone is able to log on and take advantage of the quality videos and services.

This not only allows citizens to share their stories, but it is totally free with unlimited access.

According to Isizwe project CEO Alan Knott-Craig Jr, the Wi-Fi TV service is content produced by young people within Tshwane communities, “about and for the people of Tshwane”.

This is another example of how people from all backgrounds, races, and religions can join together and become part of the citizen journalism movement.


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