Snap, Snap Away

When it comes to news, there is no longer a traditional way of delivery or content. As newsrooms become more and more digital, media organizations are changing their strategies and are integrating social media into their broadcasts. With this rise in technology, businesses are jumping on board by developing new ways into how we receive our daily headlines.

The latest company to weigh in is Snapchat. Just this week, the photo and video sharing app launched a new feature called Discover. But this time they are going above and beyond social networking and are branching out into the new business. This new feature will allow Snapchat users to access content, such as video, photos, and text from 12 different media companies. 


Photo Courtesy: Snapchat

Keeping with Snapchat fashion, these news editions will be refreshed every 24 hours. However, the videos will be much longer than normal and the photos and text will look like something you would find on a mobile news app.

Each media organization will post around 6 to 7 stories a day that they want to be featured. The new feature will consist of ads, but users are surprisingly able to skip past the paid content.

So what’s the purpose of this? Snapchat says their goal is to attract a younger crowd that has lost interest in traditional media, while also continuing to advertise its business model.

While this may seem easy, attractive, and engaging for Snapchat users, I’m not sure if it will survive. However, Snapchat is moving into another direction that most companies are turning away from. They are turning back to the roots of traditional media, with news being delivered straight from reporters and editorial teams.

Snapchats key demographics is the 13-25 year-old range, but will this group turn to them to receive their news? Do teens trust and care about organizations, such as CNN, Daily Mail, or Yahoo News? What do you guys think about this new concept? Share your thoughts with me!

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